Scorpio: The Phoenix From The Ashes

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So you’ve discovered that your north node is in Scorpio. Seems like you soul needs a ritual cleansing in this life. Let’s see how you can renew, refresh and reboot for the sake of your spirit.

The Basics
Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and the last of the interpersonal signs. In many ways Scorpio is the most complex of all the signs and along with Capricorn, one of the most misunderstood. The complexities of Scorpio lie in the depths of her emotional waters, the secrets that are contained therein and the need to guard those secrets as if life depends on it. This gives rise to misunderstandings as other signs barge through life with their hearts and minds emblazoned on their sleeves for all the world to see. Not Scorpio. Much about Scorpio is hidden, even from the person manifesting the energy in this life.

The keyphrase for Scorpio is “I create” but has also been quoted as “I destroy”. The destructive nature of Scorpio is plain to see, especially if you have experienced the sting of the famous Scorpion tail. Destruction is necessary to clear the ground for new growth and next time you’re watching a bushfire rage in the Australian bush, understand that you are watching the essence of the Scorpio energy at work. The destruction is devastating, and everything in the fire’s path is reduced to ash, but the nature of the Australian bush, and in particular the eucalyptus trees that form it, is that they require this complete destruction to regenerate themselves. And the fire is only fueled by the lifeblood of the trees themselves, the eucalyptus oil, which explodes as the temperature increases, further fueling the fire. If you look at the bush again the day after a fire you can be forgiven for thinking that you’re in a barren wasteland completely devoid of life. But if you return to the same spot a few weeks later you’ll see fresh green shoots sprouting straight out of the charred tree trunks. Return the following year and then the next and the next and you’ll see the Australian bush fully regenerated in all its glory much fresher and more lush than if the fire had never gone through. If you are carrying Scorpio energy in this life you need to understand that this same process is an essential part of your life path. Without this sort of destruction and regeneration you will stagnate and have no opportunity to transform in the way that your soul really wants you to.

From South To North
From many past lives you are accustomed to accumulation and comfort. You’re a master builder, used to working long and hard on projects, then moving in and enjoying the fruits of your labour. Your natural tendency is to then stay put, beautifying, adding and accumulating. This is what has made you feel secure in your past lives and security has been the one thing you have coveted more than any other.

The move to the north node in this life though manifests as an instinct to take controlled risks, to not accept things as they are, and to transform, regenerate and refresh. Rather than launching a lifelong plan to build on solid foundations, this time around you are drawn to wipe the slate clean and begin afresh. This can and ought to occur in every area of your life and once you commit to the path of bliss you will find that no stone remains unturned. Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, has an unnerving ability to shine a light into even the darkest corners and once exposed, any issues revealed will never crawl back into their dim hiding places. It’s more like a Pandora’s box, where once the awareness is there that your job/relationship/health/career/ideals is unsatisfactory you are required, on a soul level, to wipe the slate clean and set about creating what you truly want in that particular area of your life.

What Your Soul Wants To Develop
Your soul wants to be cleansed, reborn, regenerated and transformed in this life. Working 9 to 5, accumulating a sensible savings and retirement account and watching telly on the couch is not going to cut the mustard this time around. While there is not necessarily a craving for adventure or excitement there is definitely an urge to get rid of anything unnecessary to make room for your very own creations. The soul wants the chance to create from the ground up and a blank canvas is the only way to do that. With a Scorpio node you may find that you have several incarnations in one, particularly in the area governed by the node’s house placement or where Pluto is placed in your chart.

One of the primary things your soul wants to develop this time around is the Buddhist tenet of ‘non-attachment’. Depending on how your node and Pluto are aspected this may happen via episodes of great loss, pain and grief, or you may be one to realise when something or someone’s ‘time has come’ and move painlessly on. Whichever way it goes understand that it’s the non-attachment that the soul needs to experience. This doesn’t mean that you can’t own stuff – quite to the contrary. Pluto represents true and deep wealth that is measured in more ways than by your balance sheet, so there are definite signs of wealth and the power that brings. What you are not to do is become attached to either the actual things you have, or to any sense of self worth that many feel come along with that. You can enjoy then move on. Usually to bigger and better things.

The Support You Will Receive
Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet that has recently been downgraded, by astronomers to a ‘planetoid’. And while I’m sure those same astronomers see Pluto as nothing but a tiny chunk of icy rock way out there on the edges of our solar system, those of us in the know understand that it is never wise to underestimate the Lord of the Underworld. Just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean that he isn’t still exerting a tremendous undercurrent of influence in your life.

Wherever Pluto lies in your chart is where you will have the most power for transformation, change and regeneration, primarily as the result of deep emotional disturbances. Pluto may also indicate where we ‘give our power away’ and is thus an important instructor as to the way you can use and abuse power in this life. Pluto’s placement will show you where can most easily learn the lessons associated with power and transformation that your soul wants to learn in this life and also where you can begin your destruction/creation cycle that is so important to this placement.

The Greatest Challenge
There are so many challenges to this placement that it’s hard to know where to start, but then the essence of the placement is challenge so the greatest challenge is in having the courage to shift out of your secure comfort zone and take the risks to initiate the change that this placement demands.

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